This was a vote against women

Posted by Georgia Ann Mullen on November 10, 2016 | Leave a comment (0)

Journalist and lawyer Jill Filipovic declares in a Washington Post opinion piece that Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president is

“a clear statement of what so many of my countrymen (and the people who put Trump in power are mostly men) value: white male supremacy above all, especially over female ambition, intelligence and basic competence.”

Here are a few excerpts from the article, but I suggest reading Jill’s entire piece.

“We know, now, what so many Americans think of successful, ambitious, intelligent women: They think we are a threat. They will choose almost anything to avoid putting us in charge.”

Hillary Clinton

“If there was ever a time to refuse to cower in the face of defeat — to speak louder, even in our female voices — this is it. Because what Trump wants us to do is sit down and shut up.”

“A majority of white women voted for Trump, disproportionately those who are older, religious and without college degrees — in other words, women who may be more steeped in, accustomed to and dependent on male authority. For these women, it seemed race trumped gender, and white supremacy was more important than broader freedoms for women.”

“Even the brightest, best-qualified woman can’t win the white male vote.”

“These [sexual] attacks large and small may very well ramp up now that Trump has normalized it and voters have supported him.”

“If you weren’t a feminist before, or if you were an ambivalent or quiet supporter of women’s rights and the rights of minorities, now’s the time to get loud.”




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