#Girl Power: 2 NY students advocate women’s rights

Posted by Georgia Ann Mullen on November 18, 2016 | Leave a comment (0)

Lily Zhang and Sheryl Chen, both 17 and seniors at Staten Island Tech High School, have collaborated to create Girls Advocating Leadership & Strength, Inc.

GALS is a non-profit organization focusing on supporting female leadership positions in business and politics.

It’s comforting to know young women have not lost faith in their future.

More than 100 girls attended GALS’ first event last August in Times Square that featured workshops, public speaking events and speakers from Columbia and New York universities. The event raised $5000 in grants and donations which will be used to organize future events.

To keep up with GALS activities, which are open to the public, check out the GALS website or Facebook page. gals-nov-18-2016



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