Slave catchers, bigots and boozers trigger the women's rights movement

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The story grabbed me
and dragged me
to the final pages
almost faster
than I could read.
The ending was...

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on A Shocking &
Unnatural Incident

Georgia Ann Mullen's first historical novel in her Canal Tales Series sizzles against a backdrop of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's First Woman's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848.

A Shocking & Unnatural Incident showcases three young women—Tess, Beany and Lucy—whose thorny lives reflect the issues leading up to that convention:

temperance ∙ abolition ∙ women's rights

Their drive for personal freedom—tinged with revenge—leads to terror on the towpath.  Read more

Wixumlee Is My Salvation, the second book in Georgia's Canal Tales Series, finds Tess with her brother, Cooper, and Beany following the Erie Canal to Buffalo. Beany is snatched by a fearsome woman named Wixumlee who taunts Tess and entangles her in the bold slave rescues of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.  Read more

Beau Maas at Stop 99 solves the mystery that haunts the Canal Tales Series since the end of the first book. Beau Maas, a cold-blooded man hunter, steals people of color—slave and free—off public streets in broad daylight. When Maas captures Tess' friends in abolitionist Oberlin, she challenges his reign of terror along the Ohio River.  Read more

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Georgia Mullen

About Georgia

Georgia Ann Mullen wasn't always a feminist, but in 1971 something happened at work one day that crawled under her skin and started to itch...  Read more

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